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Current projects


Virtual Brain Twin 2024-2027

Local-scale microcircuit models of different brain regions: microcircuit models of cortex, thalamus, basal ganglia and cerebellum. Computationally intensive simulations will be performed on high performance computing infrastructure and aided by highly scalable optimization and machine learning workflows. Models will be built using the NEURON, Nest and BRIAN simulators. Once validated, the models of the different brain structures will successively be transformed into point-neuron spiking neuron networks and investigated at larger scales.

EBRAINS-Italy 2022-2026

EBRAINS 2.0 01/01/2024-31/12/2026

The DEMONSTRATE task will develop three demonstrators illustrating the contribution of modelling and simulation services to EBRAINS workflows.

Demonstrator 1 will illustrate a use case in neurorobotics integrating spiking neural networks (SNNs) and AI modules to construct cognitive brain scaffolds. Demonstrator 2 will illustrate modelling of multiscale cause-effects across molecular/subcellular, cellular andmicrocircuit scales. Demonstrator 3 will use WP2 data to highlight the application of virtual brain twins to epilepsy surgery.
Demonstrator 1. We will simulate active object manipulation using a biologically realistic hybrid controller operating in a closed loop. The controller will integrate an SNN cerebellar circuit performing sensorimotor prediction based on error-driven learning and will be assisted by AI algorithms (such as deep convolutional and recurrent neural networks) for object recognition. The SNN will be implemented with BSB and NEST and connected through the thalamus to an abstract representation of the cerebral cortex and basal ganglia.

Experimental and modelling investigation of sodium channel dysfunction in the cerebellum to determine the basis of PRRT2 paroxysmal disorders.

TEF HEALTH 2023-2027

Testing and Experimentation Facility for Health AI and Robotics (TEF-Health)





A multiscale integrated approach to the study of the nervous system in health and disease (MNESYS)



Cerebellum and emotional networks


MSBFIINE MAECI Italia-India-“Rete di eccellenza
India-Italia su funzioni cerebrali multiscala (MSBFIINE)”

Centro Fermi: progetto interdisciplinare